Being creative is an essential part of my life.  What I enjoy most is finding a unique element, which could be a vintage brooch, some beautiful feathers, or unique stone, and bring this item to be the focal point of a new accessory to be enjoyed and appreciated both the wearer and the viewer.  Every accessory I make is a one of a kind piece from the uniqueness of each element to the one time creation.

I have explored and enjoyed needle arts of all kinds throughout my life from needlepoint, crochet, quilting, sewing, and beading.   It is these experiences that have inspired me to bring together the textures of leather, lace, fabric, yarn, and feathers, with stones, beads, chains and metals.  I would describe my pieces as strong and bold and yet always feminine. 

The pieces in my Nativa collection are to me my greatest expression as an artist and I am proud to present this fiercely feminine collection to you. 

Thank you for your interest in what I do.