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Who I Am

I am inspired by my desire to offer women accessories that encourage women to be bold and embrace their femininity.  I am passionate about bringing texture into my pieces such as vintage fur, leather, feathers, lace, along with stones metals, and chain.  The earthy stones and masculine metals give my jewelry strength, weight, and power.   I contrast these elements with the softness of fur, feathers, or lace.  The sensuous feel of these materials on the skin add luxury and pleasure to the woman wearing my pieces.  They are fiercely feminine.

I am very experimental with my techniques and offer a wide range of styles.  With my lifelong experience in multiple sewing and needle arts it is natural for me to approach my jewelry making with needle and thread.  The fine hand work required is mediative and the textures pleasing to handling.  It is a joy to me to create things of beauty. 

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